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Yoga As Fitness: “Beautiful Belly” with Hemalayaa

July 15, 2008


Looking for ab training tools to use at home? There are lots of DVDs and books on the market. Here are a few:

· “Beautiful Belly,” with Hemalayaa This Acacia release features giggly yoga princess Hemalayaa in three workouts that run about 12 minutes each (which can be combined into one long session). This is a basic yoga workout with a few abdominal exercises added for good measure. Her presentation makes it fun, though it must be itchy working out on that oriental carpet.

· “Creative Core & Lower Body,” with Shiva Rea Also from Acacia, this is a tough workout that uses the “yogic squat” position (feet pointed out, hips lowered parallel to the ground) as the basis for a core-focused routine. A “challenging for all levels” type of presenter, Rea is one of those contortionist yogis who leave you feeling as flexible as a slab of concrete. The trick is to do what you can without shredding any ligaments.


Howard Schneider


Ashtanga Yoga Profile: Christy Turlington

July 7, 2008

At the age of 18, Christy Turlington began the practice of Yoga after being impressed by “the discipline and the respect and the quietude” she observed in a Yoga-practicing friend. She

began with Kundalini Yoga, but now practices Ashtanga, or “Eight-Limbed” Yoga. She explains Ashtanga as “almost like meditation in motion in that you use Hatha Yoga postures done in a specific sequence.” Noting that the word Yoga means “union,” Turlington explains that she regards Yoga as “a spiritual practice that has incredible physical benefits… a lifestyle, a way of living that connects me to me.”